Pastor, How is Your Heart?


  • Carl Meyer

    Very nicely done. I like that you complemented your spoken word with bullet points off to the side. These videos will be very helpful to anyone wanting to spread God’s word and to learn more about God’s word. If possible in the future, it might be helpful to some to refer to scripture in the short talk and put the text of the Bible verse underneath the outline. Once again, very nicely done.

  • Senior Pastor Maurice C Napper

    Thank you Barry, I am looking forward to your next talk. I also shared this with my associate pastors and friends on Facebook. Have a blessed day in our Lord.

  • Dennis Anderson

    Greetings…the video in this spot says “can’t be played with my present configuration” (Windows 7) Not sure what that means but It won’t play…and no further info. Any thoughts or others who have had a difficulty.
    thanks for your work.

  • Alan Freeman

    A brilliant reminder for us all Keep up the good work

  • What a short and relevant piece, thank you. One additional point I wish to add is that as Pastor, do not hide from yourself. Be open to God even if not to man and he will help you out. God will find us out anyways. David could only hide for a little less than nine months, but God searched him out.

    My second point is for us to remember that God weighs our action and that should send holy fear into our heart. If we walk with this understanding, ministry becomes an assignment instead of competition and we will be able to remain faithful to him that has called us and maintain a good heart.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • rev. I. c. singh

    Excited to hear about what is there for me and my congregation. I.C.Singh

  • Minister, Rodney E. Dover

    Wow! Very nicely done Brother Barry. I truely needed to hear that today. God bless you and your ministry

  • Vher Palang

    Thank you Pastor! it really great reminder for to be more cautious in my daily ministry. God bless you Pastor Barry!

  • Atepera Lee

    Dear Barry,
    Thank you for your pastor2pastor talk. Some christians of contemprary church when we talk about what we wear in the church,they said that God is looking in the heart not the outside,But I said we are representing God and we need to dress neatly to show our respect of Him. Also people are looking at us in the pulpit we need to look good as God is a God of things in good order.Yes, we need to check our heart is inline with God’s will and repent of any wrong doings. God bless your ministry.

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