Pastor Pete’s Tip #2

Pastor Pete’s Tip #2

Mar 05

Pastor Pete's Tip #2


  1. Very good advice and Scriptural

    1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

  2. Gary Hill /

    Totally agree. Sometimes we can set ourselves up for fall if we are not extremely careful. Even when we think it’s no big deal it’s still time to be wise.

  3. RonBeau Capell /

    Sage advice. I have a very good friend who is an ordained pastor. He fell because of many “counseling sessions” with needy congregants. Led to drugs and prison. Satan always attacks us where we are the weakest. Many men stray from their faith due to the wiles of women.
    He is doing a good work behind bars now and states “this is exactly where God wants me to be”

  4. Ralph Ashefon /

    Correct. The word says you shall know the truth and it will set you free. Obedient to the word will calm life storms. Thanks my Pastor.

  5. Peter OKAFOR /

    Absolutely true, have had brushes in the past and only the grace of God pulled me through.

  6. John Wolfenden /

    I am afraid I do not totally agree, I have actually done what you have suggested not to do many times and have enjoyed every moment of our married life (50yrs)
    Blessings (I really do know what you actually mean and I support that principle)

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