Pastor Pete’s Tip #7


  • I am not doing that,I am here every day, good idea

    • Airton Silva

      Dear Jim, you must decide it and fight for keeping it. Very, very important to prevent many troubles.

      • Geoff Inglis

        Look you guys who out there working every day and a good part of the night dealing with all kinds of problems from church boards to individual problems giving bible studies, to church services. Now God knew back at Creation that man would need a rest day and when He handed the 10 Commandment to Moses he put in a Commandment that starts with the words “Remember The Sabbath Day”. It is the only Commandment that starts with those words because He knew man would forget. Man was not made for the Sabbath but the Sabbath was made for man. It’s a rest day so take one day and have a complete break because you cannot win souls for the Kingdom if you are dead in the grave.

  • BNill Kincaidf

    “come apart and rest” If you don’t you mwill COME APART.

  • Linda

    If we are a regular church goer, whether it be 1-3 times during the week or every Sunday (sometimes twice), there is nothing wrong with taking time away from going at least once a week. We tend to allow church attendance to substitute for spending personal time with God. Even Jesus took time away from folks to spend personal time with God. The church is in us…we are the church! Check yourself and see what you have going on with God personally.

  • Thanks great reminder, we need to take the time off.


  • Kamau

    A one day rest wont kill the kingdom business but with out would kill you.

  • Kenny

    Take a break before you break

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