Pastor Talk: “I Don’t Do Mondays!” (and neither should you.)


  • Ricky Skaggs

    Thank you Brother for your ministry. It has truly helped me in any areas. May the Lord continue to Bless your Ministry.

  • Billy Joe Lockett

    Thank you my brother.God bless you and family. You were right on as though you were listening to my wife and I as talks this morning. For she is out of town today. Thanks again . Billy Joe Lockett

  • Don

    I am always troubled by people who tell me “I do this….therefore you have to do it too.”
    I know my church can function w/ me. I am not on an ego trip.
    I live in “Realville”.
    I have 38 years in pastoral ministry & have done or am doing all the extra things you mention & sometimes more.
    I’ve had the luxury of a church secretary & been w/o also.
    I’ve had help w/ shoveling the snow, mowing the lawn, cleaning the church & also been in situations where it was expected that I do these things.
    This is not a complaint or whining.
    My point is every situation is different. Every congregation has different expectations.
    I am currently at a church w/ 200+. My secretary retired 18 months ago. No one else wants the job… but they still expect all of the work she did to be done. So, yes, I prepare bulletin, the monthly calendar, take minutes at the meetings & publish them, manage the office – the mail, inquiries via phone & e-mail etc. etc.
    I also do 2 services on Sunday and 1 on Monday + services at 2 nursing homes & a senior center.
    Please show some grace to those of us who ask for help, even beg for help & get no response. At 60 years old – it takes me longer to do almost everything – so my attitude is “it takes as long as it takes”.
    It is exhausting, I don’t want it to be like this. But that’s how it is in Realville.

    • Barry L. Davis

      I understand that all situations are different and am not saying “I do this….therefore you have to do it too.”

      Although I will say, having been in a situation similar to what you are in now, there is always the option of just not doing those extra things. Let people go a few weeks without them and see if you get some volunteers.

      • Don

        I tried that strategy. The stress caused by the criticism, unrest, disdain & complaining was worse than logging a few extra hours. And I just cannot tolerate the Lord’s House being dirty. I can’t tolerate the yard at His House looking like no one cares.
        I grew up in a blue collar family & have a white collar job – but the work ethic instilled in me trumps what I know is the way things should be. My father told me often “There is no job that you are too good to do.”
        So if that means I’m plunging the toilet in the ladies’ restroom in between services – that’s what it means.
        I had one of my members tell me “We know if we don’t do it – you will, that’s why we love you”. That did not make me feel loved.

        • I understand Don I’m a staff of one and it’s taken me 20 yrs. to figure out that taking a day off is ok and can be guilt free. Satan would like nothing better for us to burn out and be completely useless for the Kingdom. Don’t think for a minute that you have to do it all. Delegate its freeing.

  • Loretta

    Hi Don – I feel your frustration very deeply because I am the short order cook at my church where I’ve served for the last 13 years. I do not have a secretary and so I do a lot of other duties that could and should be done by someone else. We have not been able to afford a secretary for the past six years and the volunteers recruited to assume some of the admin duties just did not work out. Yet, I did not realize how valuable just one day has helped me to keep me and my attitude in check. About two years ago, I started taking every Monday and Friday off (it got so good and helped me so much until I realized that when I was in the secular workforce I had two days off. In any case, there are some weeks when the load is too demanding and I can’t take off. But I am still able to get all of my work done with 2 days off. You CAN take a day off and trust me your service for Christ will be much much better. I strongly recommend that you at least try it for at least 60 days! – Shalom~~~

    • Don

      Please understand that I have nothing against time off. My point is just because I don’t do it on a regular basis does not mean I have a big ego or think I’m the only one who can do (whatever). I’m not going to let the elderly trudge through the snow to get to the front door just to prove a point. It’s not my ego. It’s common courtesy.
      Just one example – there are many more. I don’t need to list them.

  • Orlando

    Thank you Pastor for your insights and the way you stress the importance of rest. I minister in a situation that sometimes I have to do the cleaning and shoveling when I would rather not. I do not complain because I have always done it when others failed to do it. I thought of letting everything slide until the members realize the mess but I can’t do that.So I trudge on but now I do take a day off sometimes but you are right I need one every week. I have no delusion that I am the end all of every thing but things has to be done, so I just get on with it. My wife now calls me from her workplace every Monday to find out if I am at church when I told Monday is my day-off and why am I there. But I need to make sure that the salt is removed from the floor and so on. But again you are right there is someone else who can do the job but they don’t brother.

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