Pastor2Pastor — Am I Responsible for Church Growth?


  • I am happy to come across your site. Church growth is very essential in the church administration, and it is good to have you to share your experience with me.

  • Rev Kenneth Franklin

    Thank you for reminding me! We do get caught up in growing numbers and forget God has called us to be faithful and He will provide the success!

  • Thank you for your practical comments. Very encouraging to remember that we are called to be faithful and God brings growth!

  • Carl Meyer

    Very timely message, Barry. I do not take it as a minister’s cop out but encouragement when things do not go as we would like them to. God is ultimately in control….we would do well to remember that.

  • Very sincere message Pastor Barry. I agree with all you have said. Salvation is off the Lord. A Pastor or Shepherd is called to feed and look after the sheep, but Sheep gives birth to sheep. In other words The labourers are few. Take Care Pastor Barry.

  • Thank Pastor, you explanation of the scripture had not only illuminated my spiritual mind ,but had lifted a great burden away from my humble shoulder. May God Bless You.

    Pastor Heart

  • Thank you Pastor Barry.
    A great reminder and a great encouragement.

  • A Most useful and educational resource for any Minister / Priest to listen and inwardly digest. The role of the Priest is defined firstly by a calling that is led by The Holy Spirit. It is this Spirit and the guidance of the Shepherd that Pastor Barry is trying to fire up within all. Let each of us called by God support each other, assisting all our Brothers and Sisters in Christ as true shepherds to gain all and return all to the flock. Pastor Barry’s presentation once again is a reminder for all to undertake God’s will, and it is His will which will ultimately be done. May the dear Lord Jesus, Bless us all and accompany each of us on our daily journey in achieving this goal with all whom we meet.

    • Dear Brother,

      Praise God Pastor Barry, Thank you for the Bible verses. God bless you in everything you do. Thank you for the encrougement through Pastor to pastor. God’s grace and his
      Justice, his omnipresence and his holiness, his majesty and his glory will work to develop this .

      With regards

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  • Maxine Taylor

    Thank you pastor Barry for your encouragement, very interesting and that is so true there was a time I use to feel discouraged, but not any more , I just try doing exactly what you said to do , and trust God to do His part. Again thank you very very much.


    Amen!!.thank you so much for the word of blessed!

  • Mel Janzen

    This really ministers to me, because I am a pastor of a very small congregation,and every Sunday i see before me so few attending and this feeling of failure comes on me.I shudder when even one of them is away.But I will remember that it is the Lords church and not mine.Thanks pastor for your encouraging word.

  • David

    It was good

  • Pas.Jockin Fernando

    Praise the Lord Pastor,
    Thanks for this as it is very useful and encouraging for the growth of ministry. And it’s a blessing, will pray for your ministry that God should use you even more than this.
    Thank u & God bless you.
    Pas.Jockin Fernando

  • John

    We are living in the time I believe we should realize the works of Satan surrounding Christians with his trickery ….Those of us who are Pastors should encourage and lead the flock into the wolf den with the Sword of The Lord and deliver the Word of God to the sinners and lead them to Jesus Christ..ALL Christians are commanded by God to go into the highway,hedges and anywhere else souls can be found.. Some will plant the seed and others will harvest the seed after the Holy Spirit has watered and fertilized the soul…We must trust the Holy Spirit to prepare the way for acceptance of God Word for Salvation…No one can enter the Kingdom of God Accept through Jesus Christ…..All Christians are Sowers of The Word of God…refer to > Mark 4:13 thru 32..Give God All Glory…Honor…and Praise….

  • Demlun

    Praise God Pastor Barry,Thank you the Bible verses.God bless you in everything you do.

    In His Service,

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