Pastor2Pastor — In His Grip


  • annette logan

    i am enjoying reading your articles God bless your ministries.

  • Carl Meyer

    I like these words from the Bible. As Christians, sometimes we forget what a wonderful blessing it is to be in his grip every day. Important words and thoughts from the bible (and of course Brother Davis).

  • Adetokunbo oni

    Thank you for your encouraging message. When we are lonely, we are confident that our Lord is always there, even though we cannot see Him physically. God bless.

  • Thank you for the encouraging word. Praying for you.

  • Tom Skowronski

    Thanks Barry. Very nice message. It is amazing how similar the church you are in is to the one I grew up worshiping in -> St. John Kanty, Buffalo, NY. Thanks for the memories as well. “Keep up the fire”

  • Hein Makkink

    Thank you Barry. You always bless and encourage me. Awesome work.

  • Pastor Aaron T. Lewis Sr.

    I just watched the video of Pastor Barry and was moved and touched to know that there are pastors out there that gets lonely also. Thank you Pastor Barry for sharing with me my greatest fear. May my God Bless and keep you!

  • Maxine Taylor

    Thank you pastor Barry , Ilisten and it’s very encouraging , and I ask God’s blessing on you so you can continue to bless and encourage many more pastors that are lonely.

    Be strong in The Lord and in the power of His might.

  • Pastor Eddie

    “In is Grip” was an encouragement, thanks so for the connection!

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