Pastor’s Relocation Service

Pastor’s Relocation Service

Dear Ministry Colleague,

I know what it’s like — getting ready to move from one church to another — sometimes across the State, often to another part of the Country, or sometimes even to a new Country. In addition to all the other potential stresses of beginning a new ministry is the hassle of moving.

Even when the new church pays for your move, you still have to have a place to move to. And if you own your own home in your present location, you have to sell it.

In years past the place you moved to was the church parsonage, but that is quickly changing. Most churches have either sold off the parsonage, or the minister (wisely) would rather purchase their own home. 

That’s where we come in. We are part of a Professional Relocation Service that matches movers with a Real Estate Professional who has been thoroughly vetted, and has a proven track record of negotiating the best price for those moving in and/or out of their area. And guess what? When you are on the buying end, in the vast majority of cases, their services will cost you nothing, because their commission is paid by the Seller.

Now I can hear some of you saying, “The church has a realtor who is a member who is going to help me.” I’ve personally had that kind of “help” before. Usually, while their heart is in the right place, they tend to direct you to housing that the church feels is best for you, rather than showing you all the options, neighborhoods, and price points that you prefer. And what do you do if they are awful? It’s hard to fire a church member who is volunteering their time.

The best way to handle this is to have a professional real estate agent already in contact with you BEFORE you make the move. That way you can politely turn down any “help” the church might offer. AND you have the absolute confidence that your relocation agent will meet your needs, and no one else’s.

So how to get started? Simply fill in the form below, and our Relocation Coordinator will be in touch with you. When you are contacted by the Relocation Coorindiator, please let them know you were referred by Barry Davis.

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May God bless you and your new ministry opportunity.

Barry L. Davis
The Pastor’s Helper

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