• Preparation is the key to any good sermon. Hours of prayer, seeking God’s guidance, and putting on paper what the Holy Spirit has been revealing to you since last week’s message. Much like sharpening the axe taking more time than cutting the tree. My 30 minute sermon certainly takes more than 30 minutes to prepare. My wife says it’s like giving birth to a child every week at our house. She sure is glad when Sunday’s message is finished. Anyway that’s my take, have a Blessed Day!

  • Bob

    So many practical thought from this statement, have spent time on a farm or two I can remember being given this instruction when setting fence posts from cut cedar. A sharp ax makes easy work, if you cannot sharpen in three cuts sharpen again (blade prep, double bladed) never cut dirt. (base preparation) let the blade do the work (mind preparation or back to the whetstone) Spiritually I must prepare myself, I must prepare the ground and I must have a prepared mind ( (prayer), preparation and let the Word speak for the Word.)

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