Some thoughts on Billy Graham’s passing directed toward pastors.


  • Very Good….A man who touched the heart of the World….With the simple Gospel of Jesus.

  • RubenCC

    May he rest in peace and may his influence continue working in all of us.

  • Billy was a wonderful servant of Christ.

  • Germany Bennett

    He was a modern day Paul… The impact he made on this world during his lifetime will never be forgotten…

  • Rev. John Davis

    The true impact Rev. Billy Graham had in this world will never be known. The countless people who heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the radio, TV and in the venues where his crusades were held are uncountable. We will never know how many people received Christ because of the simple message of salvation that he preached. If we all preached that simple message of Christ first and that sin is sin no matter how you try to try to whitewash it. It is time to stop being ‘politically’ and “culturally” correct and focus on being “Biblically Correct”.

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