The Holy Spirit: Who He Is, What He Does, & Why You Should Care

Until now there has not been a comprehensive guide to understanding the Holy Spirit and His role in contemporary language for the average person. Many Christians feel that understanding the Holy Spirit is beyond their ability. But nothing could be further from the truth.

In this updated and rewritten guide to The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, Barry Davis and R.A. Torrey consistently and thoroughly present the third member of the Trinity in a way that anyone can grasp. The reader will learn more about the Holy Spirit and His role in our personal lives, the church, and the world at large than he or she could have ever imagined.

In seventeen inspirational chapters the authors describe:
*The Personality of the Holy Spirit
* The Deity of the Holy Spirit
* The Distinctive Role of the Holy Spirit in the Godhead (Trinity)
* The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit as Revealed in His Names
* Holy Spirit Convicting the World of Sin, Righteousness, & Judgment
* The Holy Spirit Bearing Witness to Jesus Christ
* The Regenerating Work of the Holy Spirit
* The Indwelling Spirit Fully & Forever Satisfying
* The Holy Spirit Forming Christ Within Us
* The Holy Spirit & Sonship
* The Holy Spirit as Teacher
* Praying, Returning Thanks, & Worshiping in the Holy Spirit
* The Holy Spirit Sending People Out to do Works of Service
* The Holy Spirit’s Anointing Over the Individual Christian’s Life
* The Holy Spirit Gives Power & Gifts to His Followers
* The Work of the Holy Spirit in Prophets & Apostles
* The Work of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ

Available in KINDLE and PAPERBACK.

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