What are the Two Things we must Stress from the Pulpit Over and Over Again?


  • Donley Jenkins

    So very true but yet sorely lacking. It is my opinion (which is probably not worth very much) that the greatest enemy of the church today are those who profess to be Christian and are not, including many famous preachers of the day. I say that with some inside knowledge as I have been a full time pastor for 40 years.

  • Pastor Donley GF Jenkins

    You are absolutely correct. Jesus is the only way. As important is the truth that we must be born again.

    By the way great USB 2.0.

    Will get the sermon one when able. I am a senior on a very low fixed income trying to help a small church who cannot afford a pastor. Keep up the good work.

  • Brother Michael Pierce

    Amen my friend Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one cometh to the father but by him. Praise ye the lord.

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