What Spurgeon Said About Homosexuality


  • Richard

    Sure would like to have the written copy of this as well. The videos are nice to watch, but nothing beats having it in “His written word”.

  • Dale

    I can with the tongues of angels but have not love I am a resounding symbol. Please tell me in what way are you extending the good news of Jesus’ love to gay people? Your hate is overpowering!

    • Barry L. Davis

      Hate? The video was filled with the Gospel and Grace of God. What specifically are you referring to?

      • Danny

        No hate Dale. Barry shows God’s love through Jesus Christ in this video. Christ died so we can be forgiven and know God’s love. Christ did not die so we can continue in filthy acts of sin.

    • Edward

      Dale, there’s really no hate in the video. But the truth has to be spoken. Let me ask you a question. Do you have any friends of yours or people you know who are alcoholics and are drinking themselves to pieces? Now imagine yourself using all the tactful kind words you can think of to convey a message to them that what they are doing is wrong. Would they be justified to say that you are hateful? The very same thing applies to gay people. They are human beings of value no doubt at all, but if they choose to indulge their sinful tendency of homosexuality, they must be told out of love that they are wrong. Hoodwinking them that their sexual tendency is ok is the real hatred, not the other way round.

  • lb mckinstry sr

    i like it well said

  • Eladio Villanueva

    It’s amazing that people view the truth as hate. I have friends who are gay and I love them but the truth is the truth and The grace and the gospel of Jesus Christ is filled with nothing but love!

  • lb mckinstry sr

    the devil has been deceiving people from begining and he still doing it now some sin is so simple that a baby can tell the different god said multiple male and female .

  • Bro WM

    I am blessed by this message. I hope the leaders who are condoning homosexuality can see and understand how they have condemned millions to eternal death by giving in to this diabolic act.

  • esther

    The truth had been said. We have heard it, we have seen it; No man can pretend they have never. Let him that have ears hear what the spirit of the God is saying.
    Thanks Bro Barry.

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