FAQs About Sermons

These FAQs specifically deal with the full manuscript sermons we offer as individual messages or series.

How are the sermons delivered?

After you purchase you will be taken automatically to a download page. If you setup an account you will be able to come back and access your messages at any time in the future. You will also be sent an email with your download links (please check your Junk mail if you don't see it).

Where do these sermons come from?

The sermons are written by Dr. Barry Davis. You can read more about him on the "About this Ministry" page. Some of the sermons were originally offered with our  www.SermonSubscription.com ministry while others have never been offered anywhere else.

What do these sermons consist of?

Each sermon is a full manuscript sermon, complete with engaging illustrations, biblical text, and extremely relevant content. Each message is between 5-7 pages long (single-spaced).

Are there sermon series?

We offer sermon series as well as individual sermons. Each individual sermon was originally a part of a series. You will see the series title in parentheses after each sermon title.

What Bible Translation(s) is used?

We use various translations, including the ESV, NLT, NIV, NASB, NKJV, etc...

How do I search for the sermon(s) I want?

In the search engine just search whatever key word you are looking for. For example, if you want sermons on prayer search pray* for best results. The wildcard * will give you all the messages on prayer.