Church Planners and Journals

Church Planners and Journals

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NOTE: This is a digital download, not a physical book! You will be taken to a download link and sent an email immediately after purchase.

Your Church Planner contains over 100 Pages on 8.5" by 11" sheets for Record Keeping, Handouts, Preparation, and much, much more!

Everything comes in MS Word and PDF Format so you can edit whatever you like to fit your needs. You can make 1 copy, or 1,000 or more. It is completely up to you. In some cases we have made multiple styles of similar documents for you to choose from.


Church Management

Statement of Faith

Our Belief Statement

Leadership Team Organization 

Church Leadership Team

Leadership Team Responsibilities

List of Elders/Deacons

List of Team Roles

List of Team Leaders

Team Leader Contact Details

Team Contact Details

Monthly Income and Expenses

 Church Planning

Sermon Plan

Weekly Planner

Annual Church Events Schedule

List of Events

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Event Plan

Event Contact List

Event Information Sheet

Event Action Plan

Event Review Sheet

Sunday Roster

Service Team Roster

Sunday School Lesson Plan

Church Records

Directory of Members

Sunday School Members

Record of Christenings / Dedications

Record of Baptisms

Record of Weddings

Record of Funerals

Record of Facilities Hire

Event Attendance Register

Sunday School Attendance Register

Church Handouts

Church Bulletin

Bible Study Flyer

Service Attendance Card

Church Visitor Card

Bookmark Template

Christian Planners and Journals

Monthly Planner

Weekly Planner

Sermon Notes

Bible Study Log

Daily Bible Study

Prayer Requests

Favorite Bible Verses

BONUS! You'll receive our Complete sermon series, "Church as God Intended," including four full-manuscript messages, bulletin handouts, and PowerPoint files (a $30 Value).