The Spirit World Bible Study Course
The Spirit World Bible Study Course

The Spirit World Bible Study Course

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Note: The graphics are for illustrative purposes only. This is a digital download product. You will not be mailed a physical copy.

Embark on a spiritual journey with The Spirit World Bible Study Course, meticulously crafted to deepen the biblical understanding of God's unseen creation for your congregation. This resource provides an engaging exploration of the spiritual realm, from angels to the afterlife, as detailed in Scripture.

📚 Inside the Course:

  • In-Depth Lessons: Twenty detailed sessions diving into the spiritual entities and the afterlife.
  • Teacher's Guide: A 127-page, word-for-word manual with comprehensive notes for each lesson.
  • Student Guide: A 42-page workbook for participants to accompany every lesson, fostering engagement and retention.
  • Visual Aids: Dynamic PowerPoint slides designed to visually complement and enhance each teaching session.

🌟 Why 'The Spirit World' is Essential:

  • Biblical Insight: Dive into the rich, often overlooked spiritual teachings of the Bible on Angels, Demons, and Much More!
  • Engaging Content: Captivate your congregation with intriguing topics that promise to enrich their spiritual lives.
  • Versatile Delivery: Suitable for various settings, from Sunday school to mid-week studies.

🎁 Additional Perks:

  • Larkin's Charts: Gain access to Clarence Larkin's renowned charts.
  • Editable Resources: Customize the material to suit your teaching style.
  • Instant Access: Download the course immediately and begin the transformative journey into the Spirit World.


Lesson 01

The Spirit World

Lesson 02

The Tri-Unity of God

Lesson 03


Lesson 04

Fallen Angels Part 1

Lesson 05

Fallen Angels Part 2

Lesson 06


Lesson 07

The Underworld Part 1

Lesson 08

The Underworld Part 2

Lesson 09

The Underworld Part 3

Lesson 10

Relation of the Spirit World to the Natural World

Lesson 11

Man's Relation to the Spirit World

Lesson 12

Soul Sleep?

Lesson 13

The Intermediate State

Lesson 14

The Final State

Lesson 15

The Abolition of Death

Lesson 16

Spirit Transformation

Lesson 17

The Resurrection

Lesson 18

The Resurrection Body

Lesson 19

The Judgments Part 1

Lesson 20

The Judgments Part 2